The way in which the integration of science technology and innovation has an effect on all of us

Investing into scientific research is needed if we would like to progress as a society. Read some basic facts on how investing into research affects all of us.

Scientific research allows us the means to test a specific theory or observation, with the goal of either proving or disproving it. Scientific research allows us to come to a improved understanding of us, our surroundings and the cosmos as a whole. Scientific research offers us with the technology to live improved, more fulfilling lives. Science and technology are two concepts that plenty of fields make use of. Engineering for example makes use of scientific principles and technological breakthroughs to design and establish all sorts of structures and machines to be used in our day-to-day lives. Pretty much anything we use in our day-to-day lives exists due to the marvels of engineering – buildings, bridges, computers, and cars. Men and women like Ron Conway contribute to the advancement of this sphere, enabling the overall public to enjoy the fruits of contemporary engineering.

Physics is possibly the discipline that many men and women consider when the word ‘science’ is mentioned. It is true, physics is possibly the most ancient of all sciences. This word comes from Ancient Greek, which means the ‘knowledge of nature’ and has been around for a minimum of two and a half thousand years. Nevertheless, although it is the most ancient, it does not mean that we have already discovered anything there is to understand about physics. There are still a great many future scientific discoveries to be designed in the sphere of physics, and that is the reason why it is so crucial to keep investing into it. People like Takeshi Hakamada allow us to carry on enlarging our knowledge of physics.

Our health is the most precious thing we have in this life. Since the dawn of times humankind have always put so much effort into understanding how the human body functions and how to treat the several conditions affecting it. Whilst very early conceptions of our wellbeing and illnesses were rather naïve, the medical sciences have produced really great leaps in the past one hundred years or so. We have seen a lot of scientific innovations which helped us live happier, longer and healthier lives. All this would not have been possible without scientific research, since science and development always go hand in hand. With substantial contributions of individuals like Michael de Picciotto scientists are able to discover fresh, more reliable ways to treat diseases that still affect many people on this earth. All in all medical research has the aim of enhancing the well-being of individuals all over the world and of advancing the knowledge for the good of the overall society, and that is the reasons why it is so crucial to back this kind of research by both public organisations and private individuals.

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